Scheich-Zayed-Palastmuseum (Qasr al-Ain)
Scheich-Zayed-Palastmuseum (Qasr al-Ain)

Scheich-Zayed-Palastmuseum (Qasr al-Ain)

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Hessa Bint Mohammed Street and Sultan bin Zayed I Street, Abu Dhabi

The basics

Visitors can wander the palace’s rooms, galleries, and gardens to envision the lives of the Sheikh’s family—and Al Ain locals—before the UAE was founded in 1971. Explore the restored meeting rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens; stroll through galleries displaying weapons, instruments, and artworks; and wander through the gardens, where the Sheikh and his dignitaries would walk while discussing the pressing matters of the day.

While travelers can visit independently, the museum is most often visited on private or group Al Ain day trips from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Tours usually include a 30- or 40-minute stop, allowing you to look around the museum on a self-guided basis, and combine the visit with multiple other destinations in Al Ain, such as the adjacent Oasis, Al Jahili Fort, and nearby Jebel Hafit, the UAE’s highest mountain.

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Things to know before you go

  • The Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum will appeal to anyone interested in the UAE’s political, cultural, and architectural history.

  • Travelers are offered complimentary Arabic coffee and dates, just as original visitors would have enjoyed.

  • Information on the exhibits is limited, so it’s worth researching Sheikh Zayed’s life before visiting.

  • Restrooms and complimentary parking are available.

  • Entry is free for all visitors.

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How to get there

The Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum faces Al Ain’s Hessa Bint Mohammed Street, near Al Jahili Fort. To get there, follow the signposts, hire a cab—take care to arrange pickup afterward as there’s no taxi stand nearby—or catch a public bus to the Hessa Bint Mohammed stop. If you’re visiting from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, an organized trip to Al Ain is recommended.

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When to get there

The museum is open daily from morning to early evening, but it’s worth checking opening times beforehand. To explore the interior and gardens at their quietest, arrive early in the day: the busiest times are around midday, during the afternoon, and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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What not to miss at the museum

Be sure to stroll the gardens and courtyards: they’re great for admiring the palace’s scalloped gateways and ochre-hued, low-rise exterior. Attractions in the gardens include an open Bedouin tent where Sheikh Zayed once received visitors, plus a Land Rover he used to drive into the desert to meet tribespeople as part of his important work in building a united UAE.

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