Mt. Fóia
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Mt. Fóia
Mt. Fóia

Mt. Fóia

Serra de Monchique, Monchique , Portugal

The basics

Mt. Fóia is easily seen from below but the best way to appreciate it is by venturing to the summit. It is possible to hike to the summit but most organized tours drive participants up, allowing them to soak up the views without breaking a sweat. For a more exhilarating Mt. Fóia experience, take a downhill biking tour and speed down the mountain slopes. Many tours combine a trip to Mt. Fóia with winery visits, or stops at the spa town of Monchique and the Moorish town of Silves.

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Things to know before you go

  • Mt Fóia is a must for outdoor lovers.
  • Wear layers as the summit brings cooler temperatures..
  • There is a restaurant at the summit, and more on the road between the summit and Monchique.
  • If you’re driving, do so with caution as you may share hairpin turns with cyclists.
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How to get there

Mt. Fóia sits about 3.5 miles (6 kilometers) west of Monchique. Driving from Monchique takes about 15 minutes, and there is parking at the summit. If you aren’t driving, it’s best to trek up or come as part of an organized tour.

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When to get there

Mt. Fóia attracts the highest number of visitors in summer, but even then the summit is much less crowded than some of Portugal’s busy coastal resorts and beaches. Mornings and evenings are quietest, and the views are best on clear sunny days.

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What You Can See from Mt. Fóia

When there are no clouds obstructing the view, the summit affords panoramas across the forested hills of the Algarve, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. You should be able to spot the city of Faro to the southeast and the cliff-lined edges of Sagres to the southwest.

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