Amman Römisches Theater
Amman Römisches Theater

Amman Römisches Theater

Al Mudaraj, Amman, Jordan

The basics

Amman’s Roman Theater is sometimes mistakenly called an amphitheater, a term that technically refers to a theater surrounded by seats on all sides. Here, the seats form a crazily photogenic semicircle around the stage. The central location means it’s easy to visit the theater independently, but many travelers prefer to join a walking tour that includes other Amman attractions—with a guide to help navigate the city’s many hills and winding streets—or pair it with other Greco-Roman ruins further afield.

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Things to know before you go

  • There’s a small charge to visit the theater, which includes access to two on-site museums: the Jordan Folklore Museum and the Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions.
  • Parents will want to leave the stroller behind when exploring Amman. Kids will love testing the theater’s amazing acoustics by shouting from the stage to someone high up in the seats.
  • Amman is a challenging destination for travelers who rely on wheelchairs and the Roman Theater is no exception.
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How to get there

Amman Roman Theater sits in the heart of historic Amman, on the northern edge of the Amman Citadel. Any number of buses run to the theater from terminals including Al-Mahatta and Raghadan, but many travelers find it easier to navigate Amman with a private guide or hire taxis.

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When to get there

Amman Roman Theater is usually open from morning until early evening during the summer season (April–September), but closes in the afternoon during winter. The light is normally best for photography in the mornings, while events fall on summer evenings.

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Roman Jordan

Most travelers think of the rose-red city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, when they think of Jordan’s ruins. But the Romans ruled Jordan just as they ruled neighboring Israel and Palestine. The Amman Citadel, with its skeletal Temple of Hercules, was the epicenter of a city called Philadelphia; Jerash (ancient Gerasa) is a beautifully preserved Roman city; while the hilltop city of Umm Qais (Gadara) offers spectacular landscapes framed by ancient columns.

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