Ingolstadt Village
Ingolstadt Village

Ingolstadt Village

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Otto-Hahn-Straße 1, Ingolstadt

The basics

Thanks to its handy location halfway between Munich and Nuremberg, you could make a pit stop at Ingolstadt during a private transfer service between these two major cities. If you’re traveling independently by car, the shopping complex is a hassle-free 1-hour drive on the A9 Autobahn from either of these cities. There’s also a Shopping Express bus that runs daily from Munich and on Saturdays from Nuremberg, but you’ll need to book this in advance.

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Things to know before you go

  • Ingolstadt Village is a wheelchair-accessible complex. You can hire a wheelchair there, too.

  • There’s a children’s play area, and the complex is stroller-accessible.

  • A hands-free shopping service is available, so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy bags.

  • There are lots of free parking spaces, as well as electric car charging points.

  • There are plenty of toilets, plus restaurants and cafés to take a break in.

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How to get there

If you’re traveling by train from Munich or Nuremberg, disembark at Ingolstadt’s central train station. From there, you can get bus 10 or 11 to Brueckenkopf bus station, then change to bus 20, which goes directly to Ingolstadt Village. If driving, Ingolstadt Village is an easy-to-access location just off the A9 Autobahn.

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When to get there

Ingolstadt Village is open year-round—it typically opens every day from mid-morning until evening, apart from on Sundays, when the complex is closed. It’s always advisable to check opening times in advance as the outlet mall can sometimes close on public holidays and annual events, such as Christmas.

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Why is Ingolstadt famous?

The university city of Ingolstadt, a 15-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village, is famous for being featured in Mary Shelley’s world-renowned novel Frankenstein—it was where the character Victor Frankenstein went to university. Ingolstadt is also where the car manufacturer Audi has its corporate headquarters, so you can take a factory tour of the Audi Forum.

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