Kirche des Heiligen Herzens (Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón)
Kirche des Heiligen Herzens (Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón)

Kirche des Heiligen Herzens (Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón)

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Canciller Ayala, 3, Bilbao, Spain

The basics

Bilbao is rich in historical churches, but the city has few modern rivals to this 19th-century landmark, also known as the Iglesia de la Residencia, thanks to its linked Jesuit residence. Following an extensive renovation in 2014, the church has been restored to its gleaming, vibrant best. Its unusual red-brick facade and striped bell towers make it a visual standout, and its interior is no exception: designed in the neo-Gothic style, it features a golden altar, blue-and-green-painted vaulted ceilings, and rainbow-hued stained glass windows.

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Things to know before you go

  • Thanks to its unusual looks, the Church of the Sacred Heart is a destination as both an architectural and a religious site.
  • If you visit during mass, be sure to be respectful of worshipers and silence your cell phone.
  • Inside the church (as in other Bilbao churches), it’s best to dress modestly, with shoulders and knees covered; bring a scarf with you for extra coverage.
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How to get there

Located in central Bilbao, the church is just steps from the Abando Indalecio Prieto train station (served by numerous mainline and inter-city train lines), the Abando tram station (served by line 5), the Abando Metro station, and local bus lines.

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When to get there

The church is open daily, from morning until evening (with later opening hours on Saturday and Sunday). Note that it is closed for a long lunchtime/siesta period every day, from afternoon to early evening. It operates three masses on weekdays, four on Saturdays, and five on Sundays.

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Bilbao’s highlight churches

For a counterpoint to the Church of the Sacred Heart’s modern appeal, set aside time to discover more highlights among Bilbao’s historic churches. Some popular choices include the hilltop Basilica of Begona (which offers spectacular views across the city), the riverside Church of San Antón, the centuries-old Bilbao Cathedral, and the Baroque Church of San Nicolás.

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