Girondins-Denkmal (Monument aux Girondins)
Girondins-Denkmal (Monument aux Girondins)

Girondins-Denkmal (Monument aux Girondins)

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2792 Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 33000

The basics

The monument is adorned with an intricate bronze statue representing Lady Liberty breaking free of her shackles. At the base of the column stands a colossal fountain and two basins, with dramatic bronze sculptures of charging horses, each signifying a different aspect of modern French society. The south-facing side honors the “Triumph of the Republic,”, while the north-facing side is dedicated to the “Triumph of the Concord.” Some guided city tours pass by the monument.

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Things to know before you go

  • The Place des Quinconces is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly.
  • Note that the Place is open without much shade, so bring a hat if you're visiting in the height of summer.
  • The Places des Quinconces has restrooms and a tourist office with English-speaking staff.
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How to get there

The Monument aux Girondins is located in the historic center of Bordeaux at the Place des Quinconces, right by Quai Louis XVII along the Garonne River. It is accessible on foot, by tram via Route B or C (stop Quinconces), or by car. The nearest parking lot is Parking Tourny, situated on Allée de Tourny.

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When to get there

The monument can be viewed day or night, though if you're planning to linger in the Place des Quinconces, you'll find the weather is most agreeable from late April through October. Note that summers can still get quite hot and some shops are likely to be closed in August, when French people tend to take their summer vacations. A variety of events take place here throughout the year, including a Christmas market every December.

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The Place des Quinconces

Most people don’t come to the Place des Quinconces just to see the monument, and it’s worth spending some time exploring the square. Here you'll find lots of room to roam about, with benches, walkways, and statues of Montaigne and Montesquieu.

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