Ciamberlani Haus (Maison A. Ciamberlani)
Ciamberlani Haus (Maison A. Ciamberlani)

Ciamberlani Haus (Maison A. Ciamberlani)

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Rue Defacqz 48, Brussels, Belgium

The basics

The Ciamberlani House was built by Belgian architect and proponent of the Art Nouveau movement Paul Hankar in 1897, especially for the artist Albert Ciamberlani. Ciamberlani, who worked on the frescoes on the outside walls of the mansion himself, inspired much of the brave artistic direction. His bold symbolist paintings were created using the sgraffito technique and were etched directly into the plaster as it dried.

Falling into disrepair over the years, the house has been fully restored by dedicated local artisans, and from the street, you can see this Art Deco masterpiece in all its grandeur—including the imposing circular windows said to be the first of their kind in the country. While many changes were made to the Ciamberlani House by architect Adrienne Blomme in the 1920s, much of the original fixtures and fittings remain, including a wealth of Art Deco furniture, all designed by Hankar for the house.

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Things to know before you go

  • The Ciamberlani House is in the Châtelain-Ixelles neighborhood, where you can find many of Brussels’ Art Deco townhouses.
  • The house is private, and the interior can only be viewed via private tour.
  • The exterior of the Ciamberlani House, including its famous sgraffito frescoes, can be seen from the street without tickets.
  • Next door is Rue Defacqz 50, another of Paul Hankar’s architectural works.
  • Take an umbrella—Brussels weather is quite unpredictable, whatever the season.
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How to get there

Take the tram to Defacqz and walk the short distance down Rue Defacqz to find the Ciamberlani House (or Hotel Ciamberlani as it may be written on your map) about halfway down the street. On the next block is Hotel Tassel, another of Brussels’ famous Art Deco townhouses.

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Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi in Brüssel

Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi in Brüssel

When to get there

You won’t find queues or crowds at Ciamberlani House—at the most, a few travelers taking the perfect Instagram shots. However, if you want to spend some time in the Ixelles neighborhood taking in the Art Deco sights, make sure you set off so that you can enjoy the buildings in the daylight hours. Ciamberlani House is particularly lovely at golden hour, right before sunset.

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Explore Brussels’ Art Deco heart in Châtelain-Ixelles

The Châtelain-Ixelles neighborhood is only a short tram ride from the busy center of Brussels, but the architecture couldn’t be more unique. Explore works by leading Belgian Art Deco architects Paul Hankar and Victor Horta in context within the city's historic streets, all within walking distance—then visit the Horta House and Studio Museum. Tick off Hotel Tassel and Hotel Solvay on your journey, then head to a local café for a well-earned coffee.

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