Hotel Quaste
Hotel Quaste

Hotel Quaste

Rue Paul Emile Janson 6, Brussels, Belgium

The basics

Every part of Hotel Tassel is considered a work of precise artistic vision. Horta’s dream was to create a hotel using state-of-the-art technology and innovative materials to show how Art Nouveau could blend natural beauty and lines with modern design. Using glass to light the rooms below with natural sunlight was a direct counter to the advent of the electric lightbulb—and his choice to celebrate craftsmanship during a time of assembly lines is seen in the handmade stained glass commissions, intricate ironwork, and glass mosaics throughout the hotel.

Explore the Belgian architect’s work for yourself at the nearby Horta museum, and use the detailed plans and photographs to wander the halls and stairways of this unique building, now a private townhouse in the outer reaches of Brussels city center. Learn about Horta’s whiplash lines, which inspired Art Nouveau artists all over Europe.

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Things to know before you go

  • You cannot enter Hotel Tassel, as it is a private residence.
  • There are information boards and plaques about the building outside, accessible from the street.
  • Remember to take an umbrella or raincoat—this is Brussels, and Hotel Tassel is an outdoor landmark.
  • The Horta Museum is well worth a visit to see and learn more. It’s only a few blocks away, housed in Victor Horta’s former studio and home.
  • The exterior ironwork of Hotel Tassel has visible rivets—a vital design decision Horta made to link the industrial with the natural.
  • Horta’s swooping whiplash lines used in Hotel Tassel inspired architect Hector Guiamard to design the now iconic Art Nouveau Paris Métro entrances.
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How to get there

Hotel Tassel’s address is 6 Rue Paul-Emile. Take a tram to the Bailli or Defacqz stop from the center of Brussels, and turn off Avenue Louise to find the building halfway down the block.

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Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi in Brüssel

Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi in Brüssel

When to get there

Hotel Tassel is not a particularly busy landmark; however, if you’re hoping to spend the day seeking out more of Horta’s Art Nouveau buildings in the neighborhood, it’s better to start before lunch so you can fit in full exploration. To enjoy the architectural details and stained glass at their best, visit during the daylight hours.

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See more of Victor Horta’s Brussels

See more of Brussels’ Art Nouveau architecture designed by Belgian architect Victor Horta on a stroll around the Quartier du Châtelain. Beginning at Hotel Tassel, Horta’s first fully-designed Art Nouveau building, travel to Hotel Solvay, only a few streets away, to see an even more lavish depiction of Art Nouveau style. Then, enter the former home and studio of the man himself at the Horta House and Studio Museum and learn about his influences, inspiration, and legacy.

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