Quartier Habous (Neue Medina)
Quartier Habous (Neue Medina)

Quartier Habous (Neue Medina)

Casablanca, 20490

The Basics

Also known as the New Medina, Habous Quarter is bordered by the Boulevard Victor Hugo and includes major attractions such as the Royal Palace, Mohammed V Mosque, Moulay Youssef Mosque, and Mahakma of the Pasha, a courthouse renowned for its Hispano-Moorish design.

Travelers may explore the quarter as part of a half-day, full-day, and multi-day sightseeing tours of the city. On immersive tours, soak up the city’s atmospheric streets lined with tea shops and bazaars and essential sites like the elegant United Nations Place, Mohammed V Square, Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral, Hassan II Mosque, and an oceanside stroll along Ain Diab Corniche.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families.
  • Haggling is expected and a part of the ritual of shopping in Morocco. Feel free to have a nice exchange about the value of each item.
  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings in the souks as pickpockets are also watching.
  • Tours may include roundtrip hotel transfers, food, and drink. Check specific tours for details.
  • For a tour, a minimum of 2 people may be required.
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How to Get There

Habous Quarter in the southeastern end of Casablanca. The easiest way to reach the palace is by walking if nearby or by taxi. There are two types and both are budget-friendly. The small red taxis are private and metered, while the larger white taxis are car-shares taking up to four passengers.

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When to Get There

The souks generally close around 8:00pm. Come early morning when the quarter is waking up and the sun is still soft. Casablanca can be quite hot year-round, though cool breezes come with the Canary Current off the Atlantic Ocean. In July are two of the city’s most outstanding events (Festival de Casablanca and the Feast of the Throne) or come during the spring for Ramadan to experience an array of cultural activities and festivals.

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Mahakma of the Pasha

While this administrative building is only occasionally open to the public, it’s worth trying a visit while in the neighborhood. Set between the Royal Palace and the main Habous Souk (Souq de Habous), this gorgeously ornate 1950s structure has over 60 rooms decorated in extraordinary stucco work, intricately carved wooden ceilings, and walls covered with the beautiful Moroccan style of geometric mosaic tilework called “zellige”.

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