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98 Haram Street, Giza, Egypt

The basics

Egyptians discovered how to use the Nile’s papyrus plant to make paper as early as 3,000 BC—and the age-old process still survives today. The Papyrus Institute takes visitors on a journey through the craft using step-by-step demonstrations and extensive displays of papyrus artworks to view and buy, with typical works showing Giza’s Pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphs. The prices here are higher than in Cairo’s bazaars and regular souvenir shops as the artworks are certified for using genuine papyrus.

While you can explore the Papyrus Institute independently, most travelers visit during a private or group Cairo sightseeing tour. Tours typically start and end in Cairo and visit the center in-between stops at star attractions such as Giza’s Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. The institute also features on Cairo day trips from places such as Sharm El Sheikh; and multi-day Egypt packages that combine Cairo with Nile cruises.

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Things to know before you go

  • Admission to the Papyrus Institute is free.
  • Basic restrooms are available on site.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is limited.
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How to get there

The Papyrus Institute is on Al Haram Street in Giza, just west of the River Nile in Cairo. The easiest way to visit is via organized tours that eliminate the stress of using cabs or self-driving through Cairo’s traffic. The nearest bus stop is Alexandria on Al Haram Street, while the closest metro station is Giza, from where cabs will run you to the institute.

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So wählen Sie eine Tour durch die Pyramiden von Gizeh

So wählen Sie eine Tour durch die Pyramiden von Gizeh

When to get there

The Papyrus Institute is open all day, every day, from morning till late. It can get busy with visiting tour groups during the late morning and early afternoon, so if you want to explore in a quiet environment, plan to arrive right when it opens or come in the early evening.

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Shopping Tips for the Papyrus Institute

While the Papyrus Institute is government-approved, you’re still advised to haggle before buying. Aim to get initial quotes down by 25 to 50 percent, and walk away if you feel overly pressured. You’ll come away knowing you have an authentic papyrus product as opposed to settling for the cheaper pictures that are sold as papyrus at non-approved outlets—they’re often made using banana leaves.

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