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Museo Canario (Kanarisches Museum)
Museo Canario (Kanarisches Museum)

Museo Canario (Kanarisches Museum)

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Doctor Verneau, 2, Vegueta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35001

The basics

Visitors can take a guided or self-guided tour of the Museo Canario’s 11 exhibit rooms to learn how the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands lived from the first millennium BC through the 15th century. You’ll explore models of traditional dwellings and villages, see idols and figurines thought to have religious importance, and view mummies from real funerary sites found on the island. The museum houses a large collection of skulls, bones, and full skeletons, which may not be suitable for small children.

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Things to know before you go

  • The museum provides a great introduction to the history and culture of the Canary’s first residents.
  • Admission is free to children under 12 and discounted admission is available for students and the elderly.
  • Parts of the museum are only accessible by stairs and the museum exhibits may be difficult to navigate with a wheelchair.
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How to get there

The Museo Canario is located in Old Town Las Palmas, also known as Vegueta, near the Santa Ana Cathedral and the Casa de Colón (Columbus’ House). Vegueta is about 3.2 miles (5 kilometers) southeast of central Las Palmas. Many streets in Vegueta are pedestrian-only so parking can be difficult. Several bus lines from the harbor and tourist resorts provide service to Vegueta.

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When to get there

The museum is open daily, with reduced hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The museum is a popular tourist attraction and the small exhibit rooms can get crowded. Visit late in the afternoon or evening during weekdays to avoid the crowds.

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The Mundo Aborigen

If the Museo Canario peaked your interest about ancient aboriginal life on the island, a visit to the Mundo Aborigen is a must. Located in the Natural Park of Ayagaure on the southern end of Gran Canaria, the Mundo Aborigen is an outdoor museum featuring reconstructions of ancient Canarian villages with over 100 life-sized figures depicting scenes from daily life.

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