Historischer Bezirk der Mormonenreihe
Historischer Bezirk der Mormonenreihe

Historischer Bezirk der Mormonenreihe

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13040 Antelope Flats Road, Moose, Wyoming, 83012

Praktische Infos

Um das historische Viertel Mormon Row zu erreichen, fahren Sie von Jackson auf dem Highway 191 nach Norden. Nach Moose Junction biegen Sie rechts in die Antelope Flats Road ab. Von hier aus fahren Sie 1,5 Meilen, bis Sie eine unbefestigte Straße mit einem rosa Stuckhaus an der Ecke sehen. Es gibt keine Eintrittsgebühr oder Öffnungszeiten und die Fahrt ist ungefähr 30 Minuten von Jackson entfernt.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Mormon Row attracts history buffs and photographers.
  • Accessibility varies based on the season, call ahead for road conditions.
  • Be prepared for freezing temperatures and snow from late fall to early spring.
  • Use caution when exploring around the old buildings.
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How to Get There

Mormon Row is located 15 miles north of Jackson, Wyoming. Take Highway 191 and turn right onto Antelope Flats Road. A pink stucco house on the left marks the parking lot where you will find trail brochures and an interpretive sign. From there, easy trails lead to various structures.

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When to Get There

The road to Mormon Row is open from around mid-March to mid-November with dates varying based on snow conditions. If the road is closed you can ski or snowshoe the 1.5-mile (2.4-kilometer) road to the homesteads and get the place to yourself. Many visitors choose to visit the site in the early morning or at sunset, so be prepared for crowds at these times if you visit in the summer.

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Photographing the Barns on Mormon Row

The two quintessential Moulton Barns are known to be some of the most photographed barns in the nation, so don’t miss your chance for an iconic shot. The most popular time to photograph the barns is at sunrise or at sunset. To get a less generic view, visit on a snowy winter day. Or, if you have a camera that can capture the stars, come at night to get a photo of the milky way or northern lights over the barns.

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