Saxman Native Village
Saxman Native Village

Saxman Native Village

2660 Killer Whale Ave., Saxman, Alaska, 99901

The basics

Saxman Native Village is one of the best places in Ketchikan to learn more about Alaska’s Indigenous cultures. Visitors can tour the grounds on their own, or sign up for a 2-hour village tour led by an Alaskan Native; these tours often include a tour of Totem Park, a visit to the carving shed, and a traditional drumming and dancing performance. A pair of short walking paths through the rainforest offer a glimpse of some of Alaska’s regional flora. Several city sightseeing tours include a visit to Saxman Native Village.

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Things to know before you go

  • Saxman Native Village is a must-visit for anyone interested in art and Alaska Native cultures.

  • Tour tickets are available from the gift shop near the entrance to the site.

  • Some areas of the village are only accessible to visitors who join a guided tour.

  • The village is wheelchair accessible.

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How to get there

Saxman is 2 miles (3 kilometers) south of Ketchikan on the S. Tongass Highway. It’s possible to walk to the village along the waterfront, or you can catch a city bus or free shuttle from Ketchikan.

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When to get there

The village is open daily throughout the year, though guided tours are only offered during peak season (May to September).

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Totems of Saxman Native Village

The village is home to Saxman Totem Park and its collection of 25 totem poles, which are authentic restored, or replicated, poles that were collected nearly a century ago from abandoned villages around southeastern Alaska. Here you can learn more about the symbols, storytelling, and history of these towering works of art, some of which document a particular point in time, such as the first sighting of a white man in the region, represented by the "Lincoln Pole."

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