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The basics

As you step back in time to the onetime Greek city of Miletus, set in modern-day Turkey (officially the Republic of Türkiye), you will be struck by the meticulous design and architecture. Among the remains are an impressive theater that once seated 15,000 people, a stadium built for athletic competitions, a Byzantine-era castle, and Roman baths. Nearby, at the famed Temple of Apollo at Didyma, Greeks and Romans alike once sought divine guidance.

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Things to know before you go

  • Make the Miletus Museum your first port of call to pick up the informative Miletus map and learn more about the archaeological site.

  • There are cafés near the ruins entrance, including one near a 14th-century caravanserai (or guest house).

  • Entry to the site is ticketed, and audio guides are available for an extra fee.

  • You only need a couple of hours to explore the complex, making it ideal to include as a day trip with the nearby Temple of Apollo or Priene.

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How to get there

Miletus is located off the main road between the towns of Didim and Söke. Public dolmuses run frequently between these two destinations via Miletus throughout the day, with the ride being about 40 minutes. Otherwise, join a more thorough tour from the larger town of Selçuk to the north, which will also likely include other ruins, such as Ephesus.

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When to get there

While each season in this coastal region has its own charm, the best time of year to visit is during the months of April through June, and late September into November. During these periods, the temperate weather is perfect for leisurely strolls through the ancient ruins, without getting too hot or too cold. In the popular summer months, the temperatures can soar, making it a little uncomfortable for extensive walking.

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The Great Theater

Undoubtedly, the Great Theater dominates the ruins complex. As the original commercial and administrative center, the initially 5,000-seat Hellenistic theater was reconstructed by the Romans in the 1st century AD to seat 15,000 spectators for gruesome gladiator fights. There are intriguing passageways to explore under the theater, allowing you to reimagine the events that occurred all those years ago.

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