Castlerigg Steinkreis
Castlerigg Steinkreis

Castlerigg Steinkreis

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The basics

One of many Neolithic stone circles in the Lake District and nearby areas, Castlerigg Stone Circle is by far the most popular, and it’s easy to see why when you get there. This round grouping of 38 boulders flanked by two uprights is thought to have significance linked to movements of the sun and moon, though the original ceremonial purpose of the stones has been lost in time. Inside the circle is a grouping of standing stones. 

Visually, there are few stone circles in Britain with such a dramatic setting as that of Castlerigg, which overlooks the Thirlmere Valley with the mountains of High Seat and Helvellyn as a backdrop. Also, unlike Stonehenge, it is still possible to walk around the stones and marvel at the mysteries of the past amidst the serenity of nature.

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Things to know before you go

*Entrance to the Castlerigg Stone Circle is free. 

*There may be some reduced cell-phone accessibility.

*The stone circle is near the historic market town of Keswick, and the two sites can easily be combined in a day trip.

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How to get there

The stone circle lies on the edge of Keswick and is a short walk from the town center. Keswick is situated on the north of Derwentwater, and can be reached by bus, car, or train, or as part of one of the many tours in the region.

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When to get there

Castlerigg is located in northern England in the Lake District region, which has a temperate and damp climate. The summer months of June through August are warm and humid, spring and autumn are changeable, and winter is generally cold and rainy.

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Why was the stone circle built?

As the stone circle predates written history in this part of the world, modern-day observers can only speculate as to the purpose of Castlerigg. Theories about the purpose of the circle include its use as a trading place—Neolithic axes have been found here—or as a site for pagan ceremonies or astronomical celebrations (given its solar alignment). Maybe you’ll have a different idea after your visit.

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