Limerick, Limerick

The basics

The Treaty Stone is an important piece of local history and a popular photo op for passing sightseers, with the site offering wonderful views across the river to the imposing King John’s Castle. Its historical significance makes it a common inclusion on Limerick city tours too.

Some visitors encounter the Treaty Stone while doing the Three Bridges Walk, a 2.2-mile (3.6-kilometer) trail that begins at Arthurs Quay and follows a path along the River Shannon, passing King John’s Castle and the Treaty Stone, before looping back to its starting point.

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Things to know before you go

  • The Treaty Stone is a must-do for history buffs.
  • The Three Bridges Walk is relatively flat and takes about an hour to complete.
  • The riverside walkway upon which the Treaty Stone is set is wheelchair-accessible.
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How to get there

The Treaty Stone is situated opposite King John’s Castle in the heart of Limerick. Walking to the Treaty Stone from the castle via Thomond Bridge will take about 5 minutes. Buses (302 and 303) depart from Henry Street and stop beside the stone.

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When to get there

The Treaty Stone attracts crowds during the summer months. Get there early before tourists begin to stream in, and you can photograph the Treaty Stone or the castle across the river in relative peace.

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King John’s Castle

With King John’s Castle situated so close to the Treaty Stone, it makes sense to combine the two attractions in one outing. Standing proud above the shore of the River Shannon, the Norman King John’s Castle may be 800 years old, but the exhibitions inside it are thoroughly modern. Displays featuring multimedia technology, such as projections, touch screens, and animations, showcase the history of Limerick and the castle in a compelling manner.

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