Deir el-Medina (Tal der Handwerker)
Deir el-Medina (Tal der Handwerker)

Deir el-Medina (Tal der Handwerker)

Täglich geöffnet. Sommer: 6 - 18 Uhr, Winter: 6 - 17 Uhr
Deir el-Medina

The basics

Well-preserved artwork in the Deir el-Medina tombs depict scenes from daily life in ancient Egypt—bright colors make the tombs especially vivid. The other highlight of exploring Deir el-Medina is seeing the remains of the workers’ village, which offers a unique glimpse of the artisans’ desert community. Tours of Deir el-Medina often combine the site with trips to Valley of the Nobles and other West Bank destinations.

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Things to know before you go

  • Deir el-Medina is a must for travelers interested in ancient Egyptian life.
  • Bring plenty of sun protection, as there’s little shade here.
  • If you’re visiting on your own, look for a small ticket office before you arrive at Deir el-Medina.
  • Admission to Deir el-Medina includes entrance to its three tombs, but photography tickets must be purchased separately.
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How to get there

Deir el-Medina is located on the West Bank of Luxor, close to the Valley of the Nobles. If you’re traveling to Deir el-Medina as part of a tour, transportation will be taken care of. Otherwise, it’s a 40-minute trip from downtown Luxor by taxi. Alternately, you can hop on the public ferry to Luxor’s West Bank and then continue by taxi.

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When to get there

As temperatures tend to spike in the afternoon, morning is the best time to visit Deir el-Medina. Though the cooler winter months are the high season in Luxor, Deir el-Medina is rarely crowded. During the heat of the summer, you’ll share the site’s tombs, ruins, and dusty foothills with even fewer visitors.

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Highlights of the Deir el-Medina Tombs

The worker tombs here were once crowned with mud-brick pyramids, but the interior art is the main draw now. To see brilliant paintings, check out the Tomb of Sennedjem, then head to the Tomb of Ipuy to find images of the deceased sculptor’s house and garden. Another favorite is the Tomb of Inherka, which shows homey family scenes in bright colors.

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