Grab von Ramses VI
Grab von Ramses VI

Grab von Ramses VI

Täglich von 6 bis 16 Uhr geöffnet
West Bank, Luxor, Egypt

Praktische Infos

Um das Tal der Könige zu erreichen, nehmen Sie ein Taxi und fragen Sie nach „Wadi al-Muluk“ für das Osttal und „Wadi al-Gurub“ für das Westtal. In den Gräbern ist kein Fotografieren gestattet.

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Things to know before you go

  • While the tombs are underground, the Valley of the Kings is open to the elements, and the sun can be fierce. Bring a hat, water, and sunscreen.

  • Some of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings have wheelchair access, but the ramps in the Tomb of Ramses VI are too tight for chairs to maneuver.

  • Photography is forbidden in all tombs to protect the ancient decorations.

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How to get there

The Valley of the Kings lies on the West Bank of the Nile, across the river from the city of Luxor on the East Bank, and about a 45-minute drive from downtown. There’s no public transit, and driving in Egypt is hectic, so most travelers visit with a private driver or as part of an organized tour.

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When to get there

The tomb is open seven days a week from early morning to late afternoon. Visiting at lunchtime when tour groups are generally in restaurants can increase your chances of beating the crowds—but be aware that this is the hottest time of day. Early risers may want to opt for a dawn visit.

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The art in the Tomb of Ramses VI

Ramses VI used excellent artisans to decorate this spectacular tomb, which has been drawing tourists since Roman times (the Romans believed it belonged to the legendary Ethiopian king Memnon). Hieroglyphs retell stories from sacred texts, while a gorgeous gold and black image depicts the sky goddess Nut swallowing the sun each evening and giving birth to it again in the morning. Portraits depict Ramses VI consorting with gods and goddesses of all kinds.

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