Fluss Dee
Fluss Dee

Fluss Dee

North West England

The Basics

The best way to experience the River Dee is to be on the river itself. Join a leisurely sightseeing cruise along the river in Chester, or rent a motorboat, rowing boat, or pedalo to cruise on your own. Walk alongside the River Dee using the paved promenade of the Groves, or enjoy views from one of the four bridges that intersect the river in Chester. It’s also possible to go whitewater rafting on the river near Llangollen, or wildlife spotting in areas such as the Dee Estuary.

Some Chester guided walking tours will include a stop at the River Dee, along with other area highlights such as the Chester Roman Amphitheatre, Chester Cathedral, and the Chester City Walls.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • There are two River Dees in the UK; the other one is in Scotland.

  • Don’t forget your camera; the River Dee offers wonderful views along its route.

  • Most River Dee sightseeing cruises are wheelchair accessible, but it’s best to check ahead.

  • The river downstream from Chester is for industrial use and should only be navigated by seaworthy crews used to tidal waters.

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How to Get There

The River Dee runs past Llangollen in Wales and Chester in England, two popular places to access the river. The river is near several popular attractions in Chester, such as Chester Castle and the Chester Roman Amphitheatre. Bus 100 also runs along a stretch of the river in Chester.

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When to Get There

The River Dee can be experienced year-round. Short sightseeing cruises in Chester run daily, while 2-hour cruises typically run every day from July to mid September, and on Wednesdays and/or weekends the rest of the year. It’s also possible to whitewater raft year-round as well, though conditions will be affected by storms.

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The Groves

Dating back to the 1700s, the Groves is the paved promenade that runs along the River Dee in Chester. A bustling area, it’s full of refreshment kiosks, cafés, pubs, and restaurants, including the only floating beer garden in the area. There’s also a bandstand that hosts numerous concerts and events. Many of the river cruises along the river also depart from the Groves and plenty of boat rentals can also be found here.

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