Quriyat, Oman

The basics

Mixing low-rise residential districts, shopping malls, and mosques radiating inland from a modern corniche and fishing harbor, Quriyat boasts a number of historic sights. Topping the list for visitors is its restored 19th-century fort—complete with a round tower and museum—a Portuguese-built watchtower perched offshore on a rocky islet, a bustling fish market, and a palm-studded corniche. Another popular destination is nearby Wadi Dayqah Dam, which commands spectacular mountain-and-reservoir views.

Visit Quriyat independently, driving along Oman’s northeast coast from Muscat, or book a private multi-stop tour from the capital that covers nearby attractions like Wadi Shab, the Bimmah Sinkhole, and Sur’s shipbuilding yards. While most don’t visit Quriyat, many offer flexible itineraries that let you request a stop-off in the town.

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Things to know before you go

  • Quriyat will appeal to anyone wanting a snapshot of everyday life in coastal Oman.

  • Wear loose, lightweight, and cover-all clothing to stay cool and respect local sensibilities.

  • Stroll Quriyat’s corniche and sea wall for sweeping views over the mountain-backed town.

  • Wheelchair and stroller users may experience difficulties exploring the fort and fish market.

  • Free parking lots and restrooms are located on the corniche and near the fort.

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How to get there

Quriyat is a roughly 64-mile (103-kilometer) drive from Muscat along Route 17, which carves through the Al Hajar mountains before hitting the coast. There’s no public transportation to Quriyat, so the only ways to go are by car, cab, or taking a customizable private tour.

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Must-See-Museen in Maskat

When to get there

While it benefits from sea breezes, Quriyat, like the rest of Oman, is scorching between June and August. For comfortable sightseeing, visit during the peak season of November to April, when temperatures are lower. Weekdays tend to be quieter than weekends, but Quriyat fort is open later on Fridays and Saturdays than the rest of the week.

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Scenic highlights near Quriyat

The mountains and coast around Quriyat offer plenty of scenic side trips. Head south to Wadi Dayqah Dam for awe-inspiring views over a turquoise reservoir and the Al Hajar peaks, or follow Route 17 further south to Wadi Al Arbeieen—a stunning gorge with natural swimming pools. You can also recharge on Quriyat’s beaches or visit Flamingo Lake, whose waters attract flamingos, cormorants, and other birds.

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