Ruwi, Oman

The basics

Busy Ruwi often surprises travelers who encounter it after Oman’s largely peaceful interior. This is where Muscat gets on with its daily life and work, and where many in its expat Asian communities live. The epicenter is Ruwi High Street, with shopping arcades and supermarkets. Nearby is Little India, an enclave of older apartments, shops, and Indian and Pakistani eateries. Further east is Muscat’s central business district, whose wide streets brim with banks, hotels, and touristy restaurants.

Most Muscat tours skirt around Ruwi, so many travelers only see it on route to other sights. But it’s worth visiting to experience its hubbub, browse its shops, and view local landmarks such as its mosques, the minaret-like Ruwi Clock Tower, and niche museums. Muscat hop-on hop-off buses stop at Al Farahidi Street, near Little India, and next to the Sri Krishna Temple, which serves its Hindu community.

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Things to know before you go

  • Ruwi offers a snapshot of daily Muscat life away from the tourist sights.

  • Wear sunscreen if exploring on foot—there’s little shade.

  • Most of Ruwi’s textile, jewelry, and electronics shops are in and around Little India and Ruwi High Street.

  • Free and paid parking lots cluster around Bait Al Falaj Street.

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How to get there

Ruwi lies about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from Muscat’s Muttrah Corniche, and roughly 19 miles (30 kilometers)—around a 30-minute drive—from Muscat International Airport. While most travelers arrive by car, cab, or hop-on hop-off bus, Ruwi bus station is Muscat’s main public transport hub. Buses run to and from here to other parts of Muscat, including Old Muscat, and to outlying towns.

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Must-See-Museen in Maskat

Must-See-Museen in Maskat

When to get there

Muscat’s summers are very hot, so most visitors come in November-March, when temperatures are around 80°F (27°C). Whatever the season, Ruwi gets oven-hot from late morning onward, so visit in early morning or in the evening, when the atmosphere is buzzy and everything is open—many services close for the afternoon.

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Museums in Ruwi

Ruwi boasts two under-the-radar museums that are worth visiting. The Oman Currency Museum, inside the Central Bank of Oman on Al Markazi Street, exhibits historical Omani coinage, including silver dirhams from the seventh century. Nearby on Al Mujamma Street is the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, which showcases Oman’s military history. Contact each museum directly for admission details.

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