Verfassungsplatz (Plaza de la Constitución)
Verfassungsplatz (Plaza de la Constitución)

Verfassungsplatz (Plaza de la Constitución)

Juan de Bilbao Kalea 2-18, San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, 20003

Praktische Infos

Der Constitution Square ist ein guter Bezugspunkt für die Navigation durch das Straßenlabyrinth dieses historischen Barrios. Gönnen Sie sich Getränke und Pintxos auf einer der Außenterrassen des Platzes oder suchen Sie Schutz unter den Portiken des Platzes vor den allzu häufigen Regenfällen.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Constitution Square is an ideal spot for all travelers, especially foodies and wine lovers.
  • The plaza is affectionately known to locals as La Consti.
  • The square is where the city’s main festivals are celebrated.
  • Walk over to the promenade along the harbor to enjoy the view.
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How to Get There

Constitution Square is located in the center of San Sebastián’s Old Town. The best way to find Old Town is on foot or by the city’s easy bike-sharing service. As well, taxis are cheap (find them at official taxi stands as they don’t stop when hailed) and the public D-Bus, services all the main points of interest in the city.

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When to Get There

Day and night, the plaza is an epicenter of activity, with its cafés always packed. January 20, at the stroke of midnight, Tamborrada takes over the plaza, with 24 hours of non-stop drumming by more than 15,000 drummers. December 21, food and cider stands fill the square for Saint Thomas Day, and in August, Semana Grande is a week-long festival of cultural and sporting events, regattas, and fireworks.

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Bullfighting in the Square

Above the windows of the colorful buildings facing the square are reminders of the square’s former life as a bullring, in the early 19th century. The numbers designated balconies rented by spectators watching matadors fighting the bulls. The bullfights have since moved to the larger Plaza de Toros.

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