Kap Finisterre (Cabo Finisterre)
Kap Finisterre (Cabo Finisterre)

Kap Finisterre (Cabo Finisterre)

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The basics

Several quaint fishing villages line Cape Finisterre, along with excellent beaches including O Rostro, Arnela, Mar de Fora, Langosteira, Riveira, and Corbeiro. Visit the lighthouse for panoramic views, and keep an eye out for landmarks of both maritime and religious nature. Many pilgrims walk from Santiago de Compostela, but bus service is also available.

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Things to know before you go

  • Cape Finisterre is a must-see attraction for religious travelers and beach lovers.
  • Bring your camera—the rocky cliffs and beaches provide striking photo opportunities.
  • The peninsula is largely accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, but certain landmarks and beaches aren’t accessible.
  • This shoreline earned the nickname La Costa Morte, or the Coast of Death, for numerous shipwrecks that occurred here.
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How to get there

Travelers reach the peninsula of Cape Finisterre in several ways. Many pilgrims arrive on foot, after completing the Way of St. James. Public transportation is also available, with a bus offering daily connections to and from Santiago de Compostela (about 1.5 hours each way). Parking is also available, and many visitors arrive by car.

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When to get there

Travelers seeking sun and sand often visit Cape Finisterre during the summer season, which also coincides with the largest number of pilgrims walking the Way of St. James. Avoid the crowds by planning a trip during the spring or fall.

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Traditions and rules

As Cape Finisterre marks the end of a major Catholic pilgrimage, many traditions evolved over the centuries. At the lighthouse, visitors used to burn their boots or clothes as a ritual at the end of the journey, but this practice has been banned, and travelers have embraced more personal forms of meditation.

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