Brücke der Lügen (Podul Minciunilor)
Brücke der Lügen (Podul Minciunilor)

Brücke der Lügen (Podul Minciunilor)

Piața Mică, Sibiu, 550182

The basics

The Bridge of Lies features on most city tours, with visitors often invited to cross the path to reveal their honest intentions. It’s said that the bridge will creak when a lie is told, so it’s worth testing it out while posing for pictures on the scenic overpass. Located so close to the Lutheran Cathedral and Piata Mare, the bridge is an easy stop on a walking tour, with some multi-day packages including a stroll through Sibiu as part of a wider Transylvanian itinerary.

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Things to know before you go

  • Sibiu stands in the foothills of the Cindrel Mountains, so it’s worth wearing good shoes if you intend to take a walking tour.
  • Beyond crossing the bridge and taking pictures, there’s not much else to do on the public footpath, so it’s worth ticking it off on your way elsewhere.
  • Guided tours are the best way to learn more about the bridge’s history and legends.
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How to get there

The pedestrian bridge connects Piata Mica to Piata Albert Huet, making it a major tourist thoroughfare. Head west from Sibiu’s main train station and within fifteen minutes you’ll arrive in the historic center.

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When to get there

Visit on a clear, bright day to enjoy the best views from the bridge, especially during the spring when the decorative flowers are in full effect. Arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds or arrive around dusk for an unforgettable view of the sun setting beyond the city limits.

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The Eyes and Lies of Sibiu

Sibiu is undoubtedly one of the most striking cities in Transylvania. As you stand on the bridge, notice the eye-like windows that seem to watch you from the roofs all around, which only add to the bridge’s magical atmosphere. Nobody knows the true origins of the bridge’s name, though city tours provide plenty of historical background to its fantastic folklore.

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