Furka Pass
Furka Pass

Furka Pass

Geöffnet von Mai bis Oktober
Obergoms, 3999

The basics

The famous driving route is unsurprisingly best explored by car, bike, or bus. Several self-drive packages include car rental and accommodation, leaving you free to cruise across the typically Swiss landscape at your own pace. Full- and multi-day tours through the Swiss Alps generally include round-trip transportation and a journey on the Furka Pass, plus at least one of its sister roads, the Grimsel Pass or the Susten Pass.

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Things to know before you go

*The pass can be tricky for unfamiliar drivers to navigate, so take a tour if you’re not sure. *There are several lookout points along the route, including one at James Bond Strasse. *Mountain hotels and restaurants are a great place to stop and soak up the views; look out for them at regular intervals along the route.

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How to get there

The Furka Pass winds between the towns of Gletsch in Valais and Realp in Uri. Day tours typically depart major Swiss cities such as Zurich, while multi-day tours of Europe can depart from as far away as England.

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When to get there

The Furka Pass is closed throughout winter, when icy temperatures make driving unsafe. The mountain views are best enjoyed on clear, bright days and it’s a good idea to complete your journey well before sunset where possible.

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