Festung Rasnov (Cetatea Rasnov)
Festung Rasnov (Cetatea Rasnov)

Festung Rasnov (Cetatea Rasnov)

Rasnov, 505400

The basics

While it’s possible to explore the fortress independently, going with a guide ensures you hear more facts, details, and historical tidbits. Day trips departing from Brașov typically make stops at Râșnov Fortress, Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), and—in some cases— Peles Castle, a neo-Renaissance palace known for its extravagant interiors. Inside Râșnov Fortress, you’ll find a small museum, souvenir shops, and vendors offering activities such as archery and ax-throwing.

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Things to know before you go

  • The fortress is a must for scenery lovers, with epic views of the rolling Transylvanian hills.
  • Save yourself the steep climb up to the fortress by taking the cable car.
  • Find restrooms near the ticket office.
  • There are uneven surfaces and steps within the fortress complex.
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How to get there

Bran-bound buses leave Brașov regularly and stop in Râșnov along the way. Once you’re in Râșnov, look up; you won’t be able to miss the Hollywood-style Râșnov sign perched on the hillside in front of the citadel. It’s a short but steep walk up the hill, and it is possible to take a cable car up instead.

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When to get there

The peak season in Râșnov Fortress is summer. If you’re visiting during June, July, or August, get here early to avoid the early afternoon rush. In fall, the fortress promises dramatic views of fall foliage. In winter, the number of visitors drops significantly.

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Bran Castle

Because of its proximity to Râșnov—it’s less than seven miles (11 kilometers) away—Bran Castle is often visited in combination with Râșnov Fortress. This clifftop castle is renowned among Gothic fiction fans, with rumors that it once housed Vlad Tepes, a bloodthirsty Romanian ruler said to be the inspiration behind Dracula.

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