Western Norway

The basics

Located in western Norway, the Sognefjord is the largest fjord in the country, stretching over 125 miles (200 kilometers) inland from the sea. Reaching depths of 3,300 feet (1,000 meters) at points, it’s both the second-longest and second-deepest fjord in the world. Branches of the Sognefjord hold their own accolades—like the UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord, which shrinks to only 1,000 feet (300 meters) across at its narrowest point—and many tours will include these on a Sognefjord itinerary.

Beyond exploring watery worlds, visitors to the Sognefjord can tour old-fashioned villages like Gudvangen and Flåm, home to the famous Flåm Railway, one of the most dramatic railroad routes in the world. Five medieval stave churches can also be found here—a big deal, considering there are only 28 left remaining in the entire country. Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in mainland Europe, is also accessible from the Sognefjord.

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Things to know before you go

  • If you’re flying in from out of the country, you’ll want to land in Bergen, not Oslo.

  • The most famous branches of the Sognefjord are the Nærøyfjord, Fjærlandsfjord, and the Aurlandsfjord—try to see them all.

  • Technically, the Sognefjord can be experienced in a day from Bergen, but you’ll likely want to set aside more time to soak it all in.

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How to get there

Many visitors will experience the Sognefjord via the majestic Flåm Railway, riding out along the fjord from the town of Flåm. Others will post up in Sogndal or Årdal, using either town as a base to explore the area. The Bergen–Flåm boat operates in summer and takes 5.5 hours; “Sognefjord in a Nutshell” tours are quite popular and operate from both Oslo and Bergen.

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When to get there

Norway’s high season is June–August. Use this knowledge to your advantage and consider visiting during the shoulder seasons: Autumn is an excellent time to enjoy the country’s outdoor attractions (including the Sognefjord), and prices will be falling in tandem with the diminishing crowds. Of course, if you prefer winter, know that this is a year-round destination for those who know how to dress in layers.

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Can’t-miss spots

Including the Nærøyfjord, Fjærlandsfjord, and Aurlandsfjord—the Sognefjord’s most well-known branches—you’ve got quite a lot of activities to cross off your list. To narrow it down, here are a few highlights: witnessing the Stegastein Viewpoint (Aurlandsfjord); hiking the Jostedalsbreen glacier (Sognefjord/Nordfjord); visiting a stave church (multiple locations); taking a RIB boat down the Nærøyfjord; and seeing the tiny village of Flåm (Aurlandsfjord). Any of these options will lead to a memorable time spent along the Sognefjord.

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