Panoramablick auf die Küste von Dahab am Roten Meer, Sinai

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Wie man 2 Tage in Dahab verbringt

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With two days in Dahab, you can sample the Red Sea’s wonders, go on a desert adventure, and spend time with the Bedouin. You can also venture farther afield, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Catherine’s Monastery—and Mt. Sinai, a mountain many believe is the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Here are your options.

Day 1: Morning

Discover the Red Sea’s pristine visibility, vibrant coral, and many aquarium fish. Ride in a submersible or glass-bottom boat, or join a snorkeling or scuba diving tour. Signature sites include the Blue Hole, the Canyon, and Three Pools, some of which can be reached by camel safari along the coast.

Day 1: Afternoon

Embark on a miniature desert adventure, by horse, camel, or all-terrain vehicle—or in a 4WD with a scarf-clad Bedouin at the wheel. Roaring through on a 4-wheeler or lolloping along on a camel, don’t miss the area’s rugged slot canyons, or “wadi,” including the popular Colored Canyon.

Day 1: Night

With a small-hours departure planned for tomorrow’s sunrise climb, enjoy an early dinner, perhaps a seafood feast at a waterfront restaurant with views across the Red Sea. Watch the sunset tint the tranquil waters pink and purple, then catch a few hours of sleep before your trip to St. Catherine’s begins.

Day 2: Morning

Reach Mt. Sinai in the wee hours, and hike to the 7,497-foot (2,285-meter) peak in the cool of the night. Savor epic sunrise views across rolling mountains as you sip hot, sweet tea or coffee. A tiny chapel marks the spot where Abrahamic religions believe Moses communed with God.

Day 2: Afternoon

Descend Mt. Sinai and explore St. Catherine’s Monastery, a fortified edifice with a history dating back to the fourth century and a library of precious manuscripts. View a wealth of relics, including a plant that’s allegedly descended from Moses’ Burning Bush, before returning to Dahab for a lazy afternoon by the pool (or on the beach).

Day 2: Night

Spend your last evening in Dahab in a traditional Bedouin encampment in the desert. Feast on flatbreads, Bedouin barbecue, soft drinks, and sweet tea around the fire, then savor the absence of light pollution as a million stars bloom before your eyes.

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