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Wie man den ausgetretenen Pfad auf der großen Insel Hawaii verlässt

Um der Menge zu entkommen - und eine andere Seite der Insel zu sehen - gehen Sie abseits der Touristenpfade. Schauen Sie sich unsere Auswahl der besten alternativen Attraktionen und Aktivitäten auf Big Island an.
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Most visitors to the Big Island explore Volcano National Park and Mauna Kea and spend time on the Kona beaches. To escape the crowds—and see a different side of the island—go off the beaten path. Here are our picks of the top alternative attractions and things to do on the Big Island.

Visit the Green Sand Beach and South Point

Green Sand Beach and waves lapping its shore in Hawaii.
Green sand beach on the Big Island.Bildquelle: Galina Barskaya / Shutterstock

Relax on the exotic beaches of the Big Island.

There are plenty of white sand and black sand beaches on the Big Island, but there's only one green sand beach. Papakolea, located near South Point, is known for its olive-colored sand, formed from olivine from a nearby volcanic cinder cone. Reach the beach via a 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) hike from the end of South Point Road. Not far away from Papakolea is South Point, the southernmost point of the United States.

Grab some food at the farmers markets

Produce at a farmers market in Hawaii.
Hilo's Farmer Market is a great spot to pick up fruits and vegetables.Bildquelle: Bonita R. Cheshier / Shutterstock

From fresh tropical fruit to delicious snacks.

Farmers markets are a hidden gem on the Big Island and a great way to sample local favorites and pick up handmade souvenirs. There are farmers markets across the island. Popular options include the Hilo Farmers Market, Maku’u Farmers Market, Uncles Kaimu Farmers Market and Wednesday Night Market, Volcano Farmers Market, and the Kona Farmers Market.

Get inspiration at the Painted Church

Inside the colorful Painted Church on Big Island in Hawaii.
St. Benedict Painted Church is an under-the-radar historical site on the Big Island.Bildquelle: Marek Poplawski / Shutterstock

Discover the unusual interior of the Painted Church.

There are two painted churches on the Big Island. The first, St. Benedict’s Painted Church, is on the Kona side, overlooking Kealakekua Bay. This small church has lavishly painted murals on the inside of the church walls, altar, and ceiling. The other church is Star of the Sea Painted Church in Kalapana, which has its own brightly painted interior.

Take a tour to the chocolate farms

A woman holds a basket of cocoa beans on a cocoa farm in Hawaii.
Young woman with a tray full of cacao beans.Bildquelle: PixieMe / Shutterstock

Learn how cacao beans grow.

The Big Island is well known for its coffee and macadamia nuts, but what’s less well known is that it's also a major producer of chocolate. Visit a cacao farm to learn more about how cacao is grown, harvested, and processed, and sample several types of chocolate in the process. Options include the Hamakua Chocolate Farm, the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory, and Lavaloha Chocolate Farm.

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