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3 Days in Montreal for Families

Organisiert von Diane SelkirkCanadian and enthusiastic traveler.

My husband was born and raised in Montreal, so I heard stories of the city’s secrets long before I had a chance to discover them for myself. The city always sparked my curiosity—I dreamed of outdoor skating trails and warming up with hot poutine (it’s hard to go wrong with cheese, fries, and gravy).

Montreal is a treasure trove of parks, museums, and restaurants and plenty of walkable streets to keep kids busy, and it's stunning in all seasons. Visiting families will be embraced by the warmth of a French-Canadian welcome and the unique culture of the region. Here's how to spend three days there.

It's a city of weather extremes—expect chilly winters and humid summers.

If you only have time for one thing, make it exploring Parc Mont-Royal, with its hiking and sledding hills.

Day 1

Start your adventure with a ride on La Grande Roue—a nearly 200-foot (61-meter) Ferris wheel with views over the Old City and the St. Lawrence River. Kids can point at views that intrigue them and build a wish-list of destinations.

Later, wander the Old City of Montreal with its narrow roads and cobbled streets—perfect for curious children. You can find the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History nearby, which is full of interactive exhibits on fascinating history for all ages.

Day 2

Try a new mode of transport and take in the city by bicycle. A private, family-friendly tour is the perfect way to explore a new city and keep kids engaged as you sightsee along the canal and discover the parks and green spaces of Montreal.

Recharge with a classic Montreal favorite—a cozy plate of poutine. Kids will love this delightfully unhealthy snack, with crispy fries, gooey cheese curds, and rich gravy. If they’re still hungry, a guided food tour gives them the chance to keep snacking, and you the chance to learn about the food scene of Montreal.

Day 3

Take a break from all the running around and take in some culture at Geordie Theatre, which creates performances and shows aimed for a younger audience. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the art scene for which Montreal is famous, but in a way that’s still accessible for the kids. If they've still got energy, get a bird’s-eye view of the city with a zip-lining adventure.

Otherwise, pack a picnic and turn them loose in one of Montreal’s favorite green spaces—Parc Mont-Royal.

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