2-stündige Walbeobachtung von Oahu aus

Exzellenz AbzeichenHonolulu, USA
2 Hour Whale Watching from Honolulu
  • 2 Stunden (ca.)
  • Mobiles Ticket
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Jedes Jahr während der Wintermonate reisen Buckelwale in die wärmeren Gewässer des Pazifiks, um ihre Kälber zur Welt zu bringen. Begeben Sie sich von Honolulu aus auf eine Walbeobachtungstour und beobachten Sie diese sanften Riesen in ihrem natürlichen Lebensraum. Sie können auch andere Wildtiere wie Delfine und grüne Meeresschildkröten sehen, während Sie segeln.
  • Wenn keine Wale gesichtet werden, können die Gäste wieder kostenlos reiten
  • Genießen Sie beim Segeln die Aussicht auf die Küste von Oahu
  • Erfahren Sie von Ihrem Reiseleiter mehr über das lokale Ökosystem
  • Problemlose Abholungen von Honolulu werden angeboten

Im Leistungsumfang enthalten

  • 2 Stunden Abenteuer
  • Trinkgeld

Treffpunkt und Abholung


  • Pink Sails Waikiki
    1 Holomoana St, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

    Direkt gegenüber vom Prince Waikiki Hotel in der Holomoana Street.


Diese Aktivität endet an dem Treffpunkt, an dem sie begonnen hat.

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Weitere Informationen

  • Sie erhalten die Bestätigung zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung.
  • Nicht barrierefrei
  • Gute Anbindung an öffentlichen Nahverkehr
  • Kleinkinder müssen auf dem Schoß sitzen.
  • Nicht empfohlen für Schwangere
  • Für die meisten Personen geeignet
  • Diese Tour/Aktivität ist für höchstens 60 Reisende geeignet.


Sie können Ihr Erlebnis bis zu 24 Stunden im Voraus stornieren, um eine vollständige Rückerstattung zu erhalten.

  • Es ist erforderlich, dass Sie mindestens 24 Stunden vor der Startzeit des Erlebnisses stornieren, um eine vollständige Rückerstattung zu erhalten.
  • Sollten Sie weniger als 24 Stunden vor der Startzeit des Erlebnisses stornieren, wird Ihnen der gezahlte Betrag nicht zurückerstattet.
  • Änderungen, die weniger als 24 Stunden vor der Startzeit des Erlebnisses vorgenommen werden, können nicht berücksichtigt werden.
  • Die Stichtermine basieren auf der lokalen Zeit am Ort des Erlebnisses.
  • Für dieses Erlebnis ist gutes Wetter erforderlich. Sollte es aufgrund schlechter Wetterverhältnisse abgesagt werden, wird Ihnen ein anderes Datum oder eine vollständige Rückerstattung angeboten.
  • Für dieses Erlebnis ist eine Mindestanzahl an Reisenden erforderlich. Sollte es storniert werden, da die Mindestanzahl nicht erreicht wurde, wird Ihnen ein anderes Datum/Erlebnis oder eine vollständige Rückerstattung angeboten.

Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQs)

Die unten aufgeführten Antworten basieren auf Antworten, die der Touranbieter kürzlich auf Fragen von Kunden gegeben hat.

F:Was sind die Startzeiten für die Walbeobachtungskreuzfahrt?

A:Es gibt zwei Startzeiten für die Walbeobachtungsfahrt; 8:00 und 10:30 Uhr.

Juni 2023

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Best adventure of my life
Jessica_H, Okt. 2023
The most amazing time during my visit! We saw a mother and baby whale and then it started storming really bad but because they were so close, we weren’t able to move. It ended up being a blessing because the next thing we witnessed was the two of them jumping out of the water to play in the rain. Most breathtaking experience I’ve had.
Antwort des Veranstalters, Okt. 2023
We're delighted you had the most amazing time during your visit. Thanks for sharing this remarkable moment with us!
Fun Time
Chareese_B, Apr. 2023
The crew was knowledgeable and great about pointing out where to look. The boat was comfortable with a variety of seating options. We were fortunate to see a family of whales even though it was the end of the season. I discovered I get motion sickness so I highly recommend bringing some medicine for that if you’re not sure.
Vale la pena / it’s worth the time and price
Jeanette_B, Apr. 2023
The experience is wonderful, because the crew (all of them) are wonderful, and funny. They make the time worth and the cherry on top is that we did see whales (a whole family) La experiencia es fantástica ya que la Tripulación (todos y cada uno de ellos) hacen que la experiencia valga el tiempo. Y para cerrar con broche de oro si vimos ballenas (una familia completa).
A must do
Ann_S, Apr. 2023
Absolutely a wonderful time, would recommend it. The crew was great, the boat was beautiful an clean. Was a great day.
We saw whales!! We’re so...
Sharron_H, Apr. 2023
We saw whales!! We’re so excited, we had been told it was late in the season and may not see any; but only 20 minutes in… there they were. We followed them the rest of the tour and was amazing!! The guides were great and knowledgeable. I recommend this tour!!!
Whale spectacular! 🤩
Priscilla_H, Apr. 2023
We got to see three whales! A momma, calf and an escort. They breeched the water and it was like a personal show for us 😍 the crew were phenomenal and we would recommend it again. The crew mentioned that this month is the end of season and I appreciated their transparency. They also said they hadn’t seen a show like that in some time. Thank you!
Awesome guides, but the whales didn't show.
DM_M, Apr. 2023
The tour guides were absolutely brilliant. Humorous and informative. It was a fantastic boat ride, I say boat ride because we didn't see any whales. We were offered to book another trip, valid for life, or until we see a whale, but it's unlikely we will be visiting Hawaii again as we live in the UK.
Doug_A, Apr. 2023
Great experience, captain Sam and crew were entertaining and professional. We did see whales, almost right from the beginning.
Awesome, but no whales
Caquandra_G, Apr. 2023
I didn’t get to see any whales, but the captain and crew were very friendly and entertaining. The ride out wasn’t too bad, he kept us informed of water conditions and even pointed out some flying fish. I wasn’t able to reschedule, because I was heading home.
First time on a boat and...
Loretta_V, Apr. 2023
First time on a boat and it was a great experience!! Would do it again!! Staff was great friendly and helpful!!
Waste of money
Lance_A, Apr. 2023
As they stated as we departed, it was the end of the whale season, and my question is, why if you know we are probably not going to see whales would you still sell tickets? As the group before us arrived back very dissatisfied saying they saw Zero whales, the crew knew full well we weren’t going to see any either, and of course we didn’t. Complete waste of our money. And yes I k ow they said we can try again tomorrow or anytime in the next year. We are tourists like everyone is, we won’t be back this year.
Beautiful Experience
Phales_M, Apr. 2023
It was a beautiful cruise on the ocean, although we did not see any whales, it was still worthwhile. Our hosts also did a great job with pointing out significant points on the way.
Phil_G, Apr. 2023
The boat ride and views were great. Crew was fun and friendly. Only downside was not seeing whales. ...............
Only book at the beginning of your trip
Yana_E, März 2023
Pros: Tour guides were super fun Cons: We went on the tour and didn’t see any whales. Was disappointing, but they offered a whale guarantee so we could reschedule for free. Tour guides even said we could use the guarantee for our next trip to Oahu. Yay! So, we rescheduled for the next day, our last day on Oahu. When we got there, the tour was canceled due to rough conditions. The guides said we could call and get a refund. I called the next day asking for the refund, and they said it would go through and they would send a confirmation email. I never got the email, so I called again the following day to double check. This time, the guy on the call said I wasn’t eligible for the refund, and that the whale guarantee was only valid for the rest of the season (mid April). So the guarantee was essentially useless, as we can’t even use it on a future trip. So all in all, if you’re visiting Oahu, only book here towards the beginning of your trip in case you don’t see whales / tours get cancelled, so that you can actually use your guarantee and get your money’s worth. Better yet, if you wanna see whales, go to Maui.
Relaxing boat trip
Kazue_T, März 2023
We were able to see dolphins and whales - mom and pup. The meeting location wasn’t clear. There’s no sign until the boat came by. It would have been helpful to be informed that up front as many people were wondering if we were at the right place. If you are counting on snacks on board, don’t. It’s just goldfish packets. Crew were friendly and fun.
Vicki_T, März 2023
We didn't see any whales due to the season but we did see dolphins and turtles, and it was a nice cruise.
It was ok, but there was...
Michael_T, März 2023
It was ok, but there was a hard sell for tipping! But it was a nice ride on the water. But average experience.
We went on the Pink Sails...
Katie_V, März 2023
We went on the Pink Sails whale watching tour in Waikiki. Unfortunately we did not get to see any whales, but we did get to see some dolphins, and we had an enjoyable time despite not seeing the whales. Great crew also!!
We did see whales,...
Janet_R, März 2023
We did see whales, dolphins, and turtles. Beautiful scenery! Crew were nice and informative as we watched for whales.
Whale watching 23
Terrance_K, März 2023
Was great seeing several whales and a few turtles as well.Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Nice to see Waikiki and harbor when coming in from the water.

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