Audio-Fahrt durch Yellowstone und Grand Teton

Yellowstone National Park, USA
Yellowstone and Grand Teton Audio Driving Tour
  • 8 Stunden bis 1 Tag (ca.)
  • Angeboten in: Englisch


Sehen Sie die Höhepunkte des Yellowstone-Nationalparks und des Grand-Teton-Nationalparks, ohne sich Gedanken über eine Reisegruppe machen zu müssen. Mit dieser selbstgeführten Audio-Fahrttour durch Yellowstone und Grand Teton können Sie den Weg finden, um zu sehen, was Sie am meisten interessiert, oder Sie können eine geplante Reiseroute verwenden. Außerdem funktioniert diese Audiotour auch dann, wenn Ihr Smartphone keinen Dienst oder Wi-Fi hat.
  • Sehen Sie an nur einem Tag zwei der beliebtesten Nationalparks Amerikas
  • Bewegen Sie sich in Ihrem eigenen Tempo – verbringen Sie mehr Zeit an Orten, die Sie am meisten interessieren
  • Geschichten, Tipps und Wegbeschreibungen werden basierend auf Ihrem Standort automatisch abgespielt
  • Perfekt für Familien und Reisende mit kleinem Budget

Im Leistungsumfang enthalten

  • GuideAlong (GyPSy Guide) Audiotour: 550+ Punkte
  • Standortbasiert: Geschichten, Tipps und Wegbeschreibungen, die automatisch abgespielt werden
  • Flexible Routen: Vorgeschlagene Reiserouten oder erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen
  • Reiseplaner: In-App, Web und PDF
  • Einfach zu bedienen: Vorab herunterladen und offline besichtigen
  • Einmaliger Kauf: Keine zeitliche oder datumsbezogene Nutzungsbeschränkung oder Ablauffrist
  • Support: Gebührenfreies Telefon, Chat und E-Mail
  • Pässe für den Yellowstone-Nationalpark und den Grand-Teton-Nationalpark

Treffpunkt und Abholung


  • Yellowstone National Park
    Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA

    Beginnen Sie an einem der offiziellen Einführungspunkte der Tour (sieben Eingangstore des Nationalparks) oder steigen Sie irgendwo entlang der Route ein und holen Sie sich den Kommentar am nächsten Audiopunkt. Öffnen Sie die GuideAlong-App, um eine Vorschau der Tourroute anzuzeigen und die vorgeschlagenen Reiserouten und den Reiseplaner zu durchsuchen.



  • 16.05.2023 - 05.03.2025

    Montag - Sonntag : 00:00 - 23:59


  • Grand-Teton-Nationalpark
    Wyoming, USA

    Der Kommentar wird automatisch basierend auf Ihrem Standort abgespielt, sodass Sie flexibel sind, wo und wann Sie Ihre Tour überall entlang der Tourroute beginnen und beenden möchten.

Das erwartet Sie

Yellowstone National Park

8 Stunden Kostenloser Eintritt

Grand Teton National Park

8 Stunden Kostenloser Eintritt

Fountain Paint Pot

30 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Lamar Valley

1 Stunde Eintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Mammoth Hot Springs

1 Stunde 30 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Artists Paintpots

1 Stunde Eintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Mud Volcano

30 MinutenKostenloser Eintritt

Old Faithful

1 Stunde Eintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Upper Geyser Basin

2 Stunden Eintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Grand Prismatic Spring

45 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Tower Fall

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Roaring Mountain

20 MinutenKostenloser Eintritt

St. John's Episcopal Church

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Jackson Lake

30 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Boiling River

1 Stunde Eintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Cunningham Cabin

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Menor's Ferry Historical Trail

30 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Moose Wilson Road (Hier kommt man vorbei)

Mormon Row Historic District (Hier kommt man vorbei)

Signal Mountain Summit Road

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Snake River Overlook

20 MinutenEintrittskarte nicht inbegriffen

Jenny Lake

1 Stunde Kostenloser Eintritt

West Thumb Geyser Basin

30 MinutenKostenloser Eintritt

Weitere Informationen

  • Sie erhalten die Bestätigung zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung.
  • Nicht barrierefrei
  • Für die meisten Personen geeignet
  • Dies ist eine private Tour/Aktivität. Nur Ihre Gruppe wird daran teilnehmen.
Durchgeführt von GuideAlong (GyPSy Guide)


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      14 Bewertungen
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      Bewertungen von Viator-Reisenden
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      Didn’t miss a thing
      rhonda_p, Okt. 2023
      Excellent audio tour. It hits all of the highlights of Yellowstone plus other interesting tidbits. Will definitely use this company again!! Thank you Viator
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Okt. 2023
      Hi Rhonda, thanks for sharing your experience with our audio tour through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! We're delighted to hear how much you enjoyed the tour and learnt, and look forward to joining you on the road again soon.
      Perfect trip
      Olga_R, Sept. 2023
      Prismatic, it is beautiful! The guide took us everywhere we wanted to go and works perfectly. Very impressive technology!
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Sept. 2023
      Hi Olga, thanks for sharing how much you enjoyed our audio tour through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. We're delighted to hear that the guide took you everywhere you wanted to go, and hope to join you on the road again soon.
      Makes Touring MUCH Easier
      kporter9876, Aug. 2023
      I don't know how I would've toured Yellowstone and Grand Teton without this tour. There is so much to see and so many options to stop, some of which aren't the most popular stops. So, this tour was able to help me choose where to go and what to do, and also give me additional history, stories, and background. Especially traveling solo, it made navigation much easier. I had one day at Grand Teton and two at Yellowstone, so this worked perfectly. Very long days, but I feel like I saw/did everything! Even having the "You are approaching this junction. Go right to X..." was a huge help. Grand Teton was my first day, and there were a couple of stops that didn't auto start but that was the only glitch and I was able to go back and listen to them easily. The only odd thing to me was in the narration. The inflection of the guy always sounded like the audio was getting cut off rather than sounding like he was done with that section. The first several times, I checked my phone to see if the audio had been cut off. But not a huge deal. Otherwise, great, and I've already recommended to others.
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Aug. 2023
      Hi there, thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed review of your experience with our Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks audio tour. We're delighted to hear how much the commentary enhanced your solo tour adventures! If you ever don't hear the audio for an audio point, our support team would love to help you look into this and are just a phone call (or email or online chat) away. There's also a detailed 'Help' section in the app, which you can refer to when you're offline and unable to give us a call. We hope to join you on the road again soon.
      Michelle_C, Aug. 2023
      We only had one day so went through tetons and then the middle circle with the hot springs. The tour was perfect made it easy to decide where we wanted to explore. Great for the history
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Aug. 2023
      Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing how our audio tour was able to help you make use of your limited time in the parks, and how much you enjoyed learning about the history as well. We hope to join you on the road again soon!
      Donna_A, Juli 2023
      Watch for the water fall that’s not mentioned on the tour. It’s in the north west section otherwise glad we used the tour guide saw some beautiful sites
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Juli 2023
      Hi Donna, thanks for choosing our audio tour to explore Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! Yellowstone National Park alone has almost 300 waterfalls, so while it's not possible to point out every single one, you'll discover many of our favorites and the must sees along the drive. We're so glad the tour helped you discover these incredible places, and hope to join you on the road again soon.
      Prepare ahead of time
      Catherine_B, Juni 2023
      I didn't use it as I didn't have the separate connection recommended. I suppose if I did I would have been able to use it. In theory, this appears to be a good tool to learn about the park.
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Juni 2023
      Hi Catherine - no data connection is required for touring. Pre-download the app and tour content (audio, maps & images), then tour offline. The app uses free gps/satellites to determine your location and autoplay commentary - not cell or wifi signal. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy the tour that so many do. Our support team haven't heard from you so please reach out to us so we can resolve.
      Best $15 I ever spent- Buy it- Trust Me
      Nick_K, Nov. 2022
      The best $15 I have ever spent. It really maximized my trip to Yellowstone and saw many things I easily would have missed. No service in the park and the all worked flawlessly and automatically plays when you drive using gps location. Knowledgeable, great educational narrator and truly was an amazing experience when using in Yellowstone. It was like having a tour guide in the car. Worth 10x what it costs. Trust me, buy it and use it. You will be so glad you did!
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Nov. 2022
      Hi Nick, Thanks for the high praise! We're delighted to hear how much you enjoyed touring offline through Yellowstone with our audio tour, and hope to join you on the road again soon.
      sandra_g, Sept. 2022
      Love the audio tours. It was easy to set up and the audio followed my trip through Yellowstone and Teton perfectly. Very informative.
      Fantastic value!!
      Bill_M, Aug. 2022
      The audio tour was incredible. We got so many insights and stories. Loved that we could start anywhere in the park and the narration would sync to our location and guide us they. We were guided to many parts of the park we would of missed without the tour. So much more flexible than a bus tour and just as much info. Will absolutely use them again for future tours. You won’t be disappointed!!!
      Antwort des Veranstalters, Sept. 2022
      Hi Bill, thanks for choosing our audio tour for your road trip through Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed the touring flexibility and commentary, and hope to join you on the road again soon.
      Amazing must do tour!
      Julie_K, Juli 2022
      This tour was awesome! Essentially the same type tour as a private tour, but you can download it, drive your own vehicle and do it at your own pace. Tips for motility limitations, extra stops for photo opportunities and much easier to follow than park maps with historical commentary and directions. A must of going to these parks. If you have any issues downloading just e-mail or call them!

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